Northeastern Economics Seminar

Fall 2017 Schedule

Please find below this semester's schedule for the Northeastern economics department's seminar series. The talks will be in the conference room (316 Lake Hall), from noon to 1:15pm

September 18 (Monday):           Chris Udry (Northwestern)

October 2 (Monday):                  Enrico Spolaore (Tufts)

October 26 (Thursday):              Ariel Dora Stern (Harvard Business School)

October 30 (Monday):                Seema Jayachandran (Northwestern)

November 8 (Wednesday):        Petra Moser (New York University)

November 13 (Monday):            Stephen O’Connell (MIT)

November 30 (Thursday):          Alicia Sasser Modestino (Northeastern)

December 4 (Monday):              Bruce Sacerdote (Dartmouth)

NBER Productivity 

Fall 2017 Schedule


September 12   Dario Diodato

September 19   Claudia Steinwender

September 26   Mike Andrews

October 3            Jeremy Watson

October 10          Daniel Rock

October 17          Luca Maini

October 24          Ernie Berndt

October 31          Dietmar Harhoff

November 7       Sam Zyontz and Neil Thompson

November 14    Francesca Lotti

November 21    Erling Barth

November 28    Frank Nagle

December 5       Laurina Zhang

December 12     Jorge Guzman