Teaching Notes on Strategy and How to Design a Business

I've gradually put together notes that bring age-old Strategy lessons to deal with frontier enterprise design problems.

I will eventually edit these notes and make them available to a wider group of readers. Add your name, below, if you'd like a copy.


What your Strategy Needs to Deliver...

  • For established enterprises
  • For entrepreneurial start-ups
  • Special issues to consider in doing Strategy today

Things you Need to Know How to Do...

A. Evaluating the Environment

  • Static snapshot analysis
    • Mapping the environment
    • Evaluating value creation and value capture
  • Dynamic analysis
    • Short run shocks and `gaming out' strategies
    • New industries, long run patterns of industry evolution, discontinuities
  • Special topics shaping today's industries and ecosystems

==> Example analysis steps

B. `Designing' your Company

  • Designing and building an enterprise to create and capture value
    • Choosing a position
    • Designing the value chain
    • Designing and developing sources of competitive advantage
  • Dynamic analysis
    • Managing the fledgling organization
    • Managing growth and change
    • Anticipating and gaming out discontinuities and disruption
  • Special topics shaping today's business designs

==> Example analysis steps

D. Actively Managing and Leading the Wider Ecosystem

  • Influencing, managing and structuring an ecosystem
  • A menu of organizational approaches
  • Platforms, open innovation and crowds
  • Special topics shaping today's ecosystem strategy

==> Example analysis steps

C. Planning for Uncertainty, Experimentation and Change

  • Anticipating uncertainty
  • Experimentation and choices
  • Designing an organization to deal with unknown unknowns (or not)
  • Special topics shaping today's business experimentation

==> Example analysis steps

E. Driving Company Value and Valuation

  • Competing in product markets and in markets for capital and corporate control
  • Beyond simple DCF: influencing value creation and capture in the economy
  • Special issues shaping today's valuations: $BB companies

==> Example analysis steps