Dr. Kevin Boudreau

In my research, I ask how a new generation of "platforms" are able to best organize large numbers of surrounding actors and innovators  I draw on deep insights from economics and a range of other disciplines to better understand how these models work. I tend to focus on novel empirical research designs as means to ask and answer questions.

My work has been published in a range of research journals including Management Science, the RAND Journal of Economics, the Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Research Policy, Nature Biotech, and with practitioner journals such as the Harvard Business Review and Sloan Management Review. I am an assistant editor of Management Science in its Business Strategy department, and in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship department. I am on the editorial board of the Strategic Management Journal.

Prior to pursuing academic research, I began my early career conducting experiments and building statistical models--first to predict heat dissipation in microelectronics applications, and later to evaluate and control silicon wafer production to increase yield. I later pursued strategy consulting, management, startups and M&A in technology. I continue to help out and learn from government organizations and innovative organizations in subject areas close to my research.


Research Manuscripts
  • Digital Mash-ups and IPRs
  • Incentives in Public Contests
  • Scientific Collaborations
  • Centralized and Decentralized Collaboration Matching Online
  • Incentive Problems in Crowdfunding
  • Platform Organization
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Digital Marketplaces
  • Strategy Dynamics and Innovation


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