Associate Professor
Innovation & Entrepreneurship (D-M)
College of Computer and Information Science (CCIS)
Department of Economics (CSSH)
Northeastern University

Research Program on Digital Innovation, Economics and Strategy (RPDIES)
Harvard University: Institute of Quantitative Social Science, Crowd Innovation Lab (CIL)

Admin. Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Mr. Michael Marafitte m.marafitteatneu.edu 617.373.3241

Admin. Research Program on Digital Innovation, Economics, and Strategy:  Ms. Brandiann Enriquez RPDIES.Managementatgmail.com tel: 773.899.1871

Kevin's research studies how platforms can be designed to orchestrate large numbers of actors to solve challenging innovation problems. Rather than focus one particular approach to platform organization, his work spans a range of approaches of open innovation from  multi-sided platforms, to crowdsourcing and rank-order contests, to innovation communities and contributions to public goods, and a range of other approaches. To advance the state of the art, he and his team scientifically analyze large data sets and carry out field experiments with industry partners. The work builds on both economic and behavioral theories to better explain and understand observed empirical patterns. Kevin's research has been published in journals such as Management Science, the RAND Journal of Economics, the Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Research Policy, and Nature Biotech—and has been funded and supported by organizations such as Google, Microsoft, the National Bureau of Economic Research, the French National Information Technology Association and the Paris Chamber of Commerce. Kevin recently arrived at Northeastern University, where he teaches course in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Previously he taught Business Strategy at Harvard Business School and, in Europe, at the London Business School and HEC-Paris. Earlier, he held industry positions related to data and analytics, management consulting, M&A in technology, and in experimental engineering research. He has degrees from MIT (PhD, Behavioral and Policy Sciences), University of Toronto (MA, Economics) and the University of Waterloo (BASc, Engineering). He is an assistant editor of Management Science in its Business Strategy and in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and on the editorial board of the Strategic Management Journal

Industry Interests

Digital platforms, online marketplaces, Internet of Things, sensors, digital innovation, digital media/products/services/APIs/mash-ups, crowdsourcing, mobile and embedded computing, multi-sided markets, online communities, distributed innovation, digital technologies and tools applied to science and engineering.