I research a new generation of business models enabled by platforms and digital technologies.

I am teach core MBA and executive MBA strategy, innovation, and business design and organization. 
I research a new generation of business models enabled by platforms and digital technologies and 
have led, designed and written a range of studies covering: multi-sided platforms, contests and crowdsourcing, crowdfunding,  open source, “apps” platforms, open science, and online communities. These studies build on cumulative research and theoretical traditions in social science, while pointing out distinct economic and behavioral mechanisms that distinguish these contexts.

I advance our theoretical and practical knowledge using econometric analysis of large-scale naturally-occurring data sets and field experimental research designs.

I did my PhD at MIT in Behavioural and Policy Sciences (Strategy). Previously, I completed an M.A. at the University of Toronto in Economics, which followed by studying Engineering, receiving a BASc from the University of Waterloo. Prior to becoming a professor, I held positions at the The Economist, Qualcomm, Nortel, Canadian Space Agency, Braxton Associates Strategy Consultants and Nikean (a start-up). I have helped out and advised a number of applied technology, computer science, natural science and big data oriented organizations, both public and private. I am also a 
co-Principal Investigator of the Harvard-NASA Tournament Lab.

News: Dear friends in Boston - I will see you soon as I will be teaching at HBS next year.


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  • NYU-Stern
  • University of Southern California-Marshall
  • Yale University
  • University of California-Berkeley
  • Boston University-Platforms Conference
  • Cambridge University - Judge/Darden Innovation & Entrepreneurship Conference

  • Boudreau, K., K. Lakhani. Innovation Experiments: Researching Technical Advance, Knowledge Production and the Design of Supporting Institutions. chapter in J. Lerner and S. Stern (eds.), NBER Innovation Policy and the Economy, volume 16 (forthcoming).

    Contest and crowdsourcing platforms, collaborative platforms, digital markplace platforms, crowdfunding platforms, scientific collaborations, digital IP, matching in digital industries