I am interested in a new generation of business models and exotic 
organisational forms enabled by platforms and digital technologies.

I tackle relevant questions using econometric and field experimental research designs.

I am a Strategy scholar interested in how platforms organize large numbers of surrounding actors to shape productivity, competitiveness and innovation outcomes.

My work is characterized by several key points:
  • I consider a range of modes of governing platforms, including multi-sided marketscontests and crowdsourcing, and collaborative and hybrid approaches 
  • I tend to focus on dynamic issues, innovation and technical change as a key driver of value creation and capture (rather than price-setting and static considerations)
  • My work is deeply empirically grounded, and although a key thrust of all of my papers is to document how strategic ('economic') incentives and competitive rents explain outcomes, I most often find that a range of other behavioral, sociological and knowledge-related mechanisms play an equally important role--often interacting with incentives in crucial ways
  • Given extraordinary empirical challenges in this area, I draw on a range of approaches from field experiments, panel data and natural experiments, to structural estimation methods to make progress on substantive questions
I received my PhD in Behavioral and Policy Sciences at MIT, my M.A. in Economics from the University of Toronto, and BASc in Engineering at the University of Waterloo. Prior to academic research, I held positions in engineering, high tech, strategy consulting and entrepreneurship. I teach or have taught Strategy and Business Model Design (Master's, MBA, EMBA), spanning traditional and modern business model approaches, Technology and Entrepreneurial Strategy (MBA), Methods and Empirical Research Design (PhD), Microeconomics (undergrad).


    Manuscripts, Working Papers and Submissions
    • Digital Competition, Innovation and Experimentation 
    • Crowdfunding as Donations
    • Innovation Experiments
    • Incentives in Contests
    Other Projects Finishing-Up
    • Formation & Performance of Self-Organised Collaborations: Comparison with an Experimentally-Implemented Equilibrium Team Allocation.
    • Search Costs and Formation of Scientific Collaborations
    • Competition and Innovation on Digital Platforms
    • Protecting their Digital Assets
    • Worker Sorting on onto Platforms: Team Collaboration versus Individual Competition Environments
    • Incentives vs. Collaboration in Teams