Kevin has designed and carried out and written a series of research studies to better understand approaches to organizing around platforms: multi-sided markets, collaborative team environments, contests and crowdsourcing, crowdfunding,  open source, “apps” platforms, crowds and open science, and online communities and 'co-development'. By advancing fine-grained understanding fundamental determinants of productivity and innovativeness, these studies inform policy and strategy. He is most interested in sectors heavily shaped by innovation, science, technology and digital and data transformation.

He is a visiting assistant professor in the Strategy Unit at Harvard Business School and an assistant professor in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School. He is a research fellow at the Harvard University's Institute for Quantitative Social Science and co-PI at the Crowd Innovation Lab. 

Dr. Boudreau's work has been published in a range of research journals including Management Science, the RAND Journal of Economics, various NBER publications, Organization ScienceResearch Policy, Nature Biotech, the Strategic Management Journal, along with practitioner journals. He is an assistant editor of Management Science in its Business Strategy department, and in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship department. 

Kevin has taught a range of topics to executive MBA students, MBA, Masters, undergrad, and PhD students including Strategy and Business Policy and Competition, Platform and Digital Business, Orchestrating and Regulating 'Ecosystems', Entrepreneurial and Innovation Strategy, Microeconomics, Strategic Organization, Business Model Design, Research Design and Empirical Methods. Thus, his teaching cuts across and integrates strategy, innovation, modern business models and business policy.

Dr. Boudreau received his PhD at MIT in Behavioral and Policy SciencesPreviously, he studied Economics at the University of Toronto, where he studied econometrics, industrial and organizational economics. He also studied Engineering at the University of Waterloo in Canada, where he was awarded for designing and carrying out experiments on heat transfer from microprocessors.

He has worked in a range of technology, science, media, telecoms and entrepreneurial startup companies in the America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. 


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    Finishing up:
    • Gaule,  Lakhani, Karim, Riedl, Woolley, Boudreau. From Crowds to Collaborators. 
    • Boudreau, K., K. Lakhani, M. Menietti. Incentives in Contests.
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    Seminars, Talks and Presentations

    2015/Upcoming Talks and Visits
    • NYU-Stern
    • University of Southern California-Marshall
    • Yale University
    • Dartmouth Tuck Strategy conference
    • University of California-Berkeley
    • HBS Strategy Brown Bag
    • Boston University-Platforms Conference
    • Cambridge University

    • Columbia University
    • Cambridge University
    • Oxford University
    • Rutgers University
    • INSEAD Fontainbleau
    • Strategic Management Society - Session Chair of "Big Data and Strategy" Session Academy of Management - Field Experimental Methods in Management; New Perspectives on Intellectual Property, Appropriability and Open Innovation; Led TIM Doctoral Consortium
    • INSEAD Singagore, National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University
    • Academy of Management

    • LMU, Management and Microeconomics seminar
    • NBER Workshop on Scholarly Communication (Economics of Science)
    • European Policy for Intellectual Property plenary session, Leuven
    • Center for Research on Economics and Strategy (CRES), Olin School of Business, Washington University
    • World Bank World Conference on Intellectual Capital
    • Tel Aviv University Economics Department & Strategy joint seminar BYU-University of Utah Winter Strategy Conference
    • NBER Productivity Group Lunch
    • University of San Diego, Rady School, Strategy
    • University of California at Berkeley, Haas School of Business
    • Stanford University, CIEPR
    • Track Leader of "New Forms of Organizations" at LBS Ghoshal Strategy Conference

    • Technical University of Munich
    • ESMT school-wide seminar
    • INFORMS - Innovation in Platform Systems
    • Strategic Management Society (The Architecture of Openness: Mobile and Knowledge, Innovation and Strategy
    • Roundtable for Engineering Entrepreneurship Research (REER)
    • London Business School, Lead Discussant at Dean's Executive Breakfast NBER Summer Institute, Productivity and Innovation
    • London Business School, Innovation in Healthcare Services
    • Track Leader of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Track at the LBS Ghoshal Strategy Conference
    • Harvard Business School, Strategy Unit
    • Hebrew University Economics Department
    • Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, London Business School
    • REER Conference, Georgia Tech
    • Academy of Management, Platforms Symposium
    • Strategic Management Society, Roundtable on Collaborative Innovation Systems CRES Conference on the Foundations of Business Strategy
    • Darden Entrepreneurship & Innovation Conference NESTA Open Innovation Research Roundtable
    • Dartmouth University
    • Carnegie Mellon University
    • IESE
    • IE Business School
    • Academy of Management: Innovation and Competition; Strategy and Business Models
    • American Economics Association (AEA) Meetings: Exploring the Sources of Innovation: Recent Developments
    • REER Conference, Georgia Tech
    • Strategic Management Society, Sorbonne
    • Sorbonne, Workshop on the Theory of the Firm
    • Meeting of Recipients of Microsoft Grants for Research on Digital Platforms Platforms, Markets and Innovation, Imperial College
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    • Curriculum Vitae - Dr. Kevin J. Boudreau 7/16/15, 10:33 PM
    • London Business School, Sumantra Ghoshal Conference Wharton Technology Mini-Conference
    • Ottawa University, Telfer School of Management London Business School – Strategy Department Seminar Imperial College – Strategy and Innovation Seminar
    • Free and Open Source Software Workshop, Nice France
    • User Innovation Workshop, CBS and MIT
    • Academy of Management – Competing Through Business Design & Tech Change and Tech Strategy
    • Atlanta Competitive Advantage Conference
    • Center for Research on Economics and Strategy (CRES), Olin School of Business, Washington University
    • Wharton Technology Mini-Conference
    • International Industrial Organization Conference
    • Sorbonne, Theoretical Analysis of Organizations and Markets
    • IDEI Economics of Software and Internet Industries


    Kevin has taught a range of topics to executive MBA students, MBA, Masters, undergrad, and PhD students including Strategy and Business Policy and Competition, Platform and Digital Business, Entrepreneurial and Innovation Strategy, Microeconomics, Strategic Organization, Business Model Design, Research Design and Empirical Methods. He has designed and led the updating, upgrading and innovation of multiple courses.