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My research centers on the design of business and technology strategies for large-scale digital platforms and infrastructure. I am particularly interested in digital innovation in technology, science, knowledge, and education-intensive environments, extending beyond more conventional consumer platforms.

Together with my team and collaborators, we have developed and studied platform-based organizational models, supported by robust data science infrastructure and scientific management programs. Our work spans a variety of fields, including multi-sided markets, crowdsourcing, labor matching markets, crowdfunding, university science and education platforms, product innovation platforms, and corporate digital infrastructure.

My approach combines theoretical advancement through detailed data analysis, combined with practical applications. Collaborating closely with industry and public partners, my team of engineers and AI/data scientists focuses on prototyping and scaling innovative solutions. This often involves creating comprehensive data science strategies and integrating large-scale field experiments within operational service platforms. Our efforts not only lead to more effective business models for our partners but also contribute fundamental, basic insights on how the economy and modern organization works.

I am deeply grateful for the generous support of a number of esteemed funders and supporters. This includes the Club Informatique des Grandes Entreprises Françaises, Fulbright Foundation, G.E. Corp., Google, the Kaufmann Foundation, Harvard University, Microsoft, TopCoder, London Management-Lab, the National Bureau of Economic Research, NASA, the Paris Chamber of Commerce, the Sloan Foundation, D'Amore McKim School of Business, Northeastern Honors Program, and the Research Institute for Experiential Learning Science.

Building on a robust foundation of real-world experience and academic rigor, I have made contributions to the fields of Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Economics. Prior to my doctoral studies, I worked as a research engineer and business executive within platform industries. This practical grounding has been crucial to my theoretical work. My empirical work extends to methodological innovations as well, employing field experiments in platform settings—a testament to my belief in 'Pasteur's Quadrant,' where practical application meets theoretical advancement. Beyond the theoretical, my leadership in the creation of the IoT Open Innovation Lab and as Chief Economist at the NASA Tournament Lab underlines my commitment to operationalizing research insights. These are examples of symbiosis of academia and industry--and a new model for research that can be carried out by business schools.

In the classroom, I leverage my research insights to provide students with frameworks and tools tested by rigorous research, equipping them to lead in a landscape continuously reshaped by rapid technological advancement.

Scaling and Optimizing Innovation on Platforms & Digital Infrastructure

Organizing Science & Universities as Knowledge Platforms

Leading Teams of Engineers & Data Scientists to Prototype Experimental Platform Capabilities at Scale

Kevin Boudreau. PhD, Behavior & Policy Sciences (MIT), MA Economics (Toronto), BASc Engineering (Waterloo) 

PRIMARY AFFILIATION: Northeastern University, D'Amore McKim School of Business

OTHER AFFILIATIONS: National Bureau of Economic Research: Productivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship; Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science; Khoury College of Computer Science; College of Social Science and Humanities, Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things; previously at LBS, HBS (visiting); HEC-Paris

EDITORIAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Associate Editor in multiple departments of Management Science; Editorial board of the Strategic Management Journal; review for range of other journals in Business Strategy, Innovation, and Management, Economics and Social Sciences, Sciences and Engineering, Information Systems and Operations

TEACHING: Business Strategy, Management of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Technology Strategy; Digital Business Models and Platform Design; Empirical Research Methods (MBA, Doctoral, Executive, and undergrad courses taught to multiple disciplines)

FORMER INDUSTRY POSITIONS: Chief Economist, NASA Tournament Lab; President, Babbage Data Analytics & Innovation; M&A In-Country Program Manager, Qualcomm Latin America; Director of European Research and Advisory, The Economist Intelligence Unit; Strategy Consultant, Deloitte Consulting (Americas); Engineer, Canadian Space Agency; Bell Northern Research Experimental Researcher, Nortel Statistical Production Control Engineer; various advisory roles.