Research Program on Digital Innovation, Economics, and Strategy

The Research Program on Digital Innovation, Economics, and Strategy (RPDIES) uses quantitative analysis of large data sets and field experiments to study the economics, design, and management of digital businesses, innovation systems, and platforms. RPDIES brings together methods from economics, social, behavioral and policy sciences with those of data science, computer science, and engineering.

IoT Open Innovation Lab @ Northeastern

The IoT Open Innovation Lab is a special initiative of RPDIES and Northeastern to deploy an IoT Open Innovation platform to enable innovation, experimentation, and development of IoT applications by Northeastern community members, solving problems for affiliated companies. The project is supported by collaborations with industry and the wider university. This initiative is part of the College of Engineering's IoT Research Cluster.

Contributors & Core Lab Team Members

  • Abhinav Kharbanda, Research Assistant & Program Manager, Software Architecture, Computer Science; Alight and Defence Research and Development Organisation
  • Austen Keene, Research Assistant & Program Manager, Computer Science, Software Development, Amazon Robotics
  • Nilam Kaushik, Research Affiliate, Management and Innovation, Machine Learning; RIM/Blackberry
  • Paras Babbar, Research Assistant, Software Engineering; Dell EMC and State Street
  • Prathamesh Tajane, Research Assistant, Computer Science, Philips Lighting and National Stock Exchange
  • Raghavi Kirouchenaradjou, Research Assistant, Software Engineering; SAP and Tata Consulting
  • Sreerag Mandakathil, Research Assistant, Software Engineering; World History Association
  • Olga Ozhereleva, Administrative Manager; Business, Accounting, Finance and Tax; Boston Consulting Group
  • Gourishankar Seal, Research Assistant; Mathematics; Volos Portfolio and Precision Health Economics
  • Joseph Antony, Research Assistant, Information Systems; Hewlett Packard
  • Mavez Dabas, Research Assistant, Computer Science, data science; Tesla, CrowdComfort
  • Darsh Desai, Research Assistant, Operations Research; Level Education Data Science & Analytics
  • Eric Doroski, Research Assistant, Economics & Mathematics; State Street, Plug In America, Jump Investors
  • Jack Du, Research Assistant, Applied Mathematics and Economics; Morgan Stanley
  • Sravanthi Kethireddy, Research Assistant, Computer Science & Aeronautical Engineering; Infosys
  • Afan Khan, Research Assistant, Computer Science, AI, NLP, embedded systems; The MathWorks, Tata, Infosys
  • Atif Khan, Research Assistant, Computer Science, IR, algorithms, big data; Amazon Robotics, Cognizant Systems
  • Dyan Khor, Research Assistant, marketing analytics ops, A/B testing, platform user acquisition; Hubspot, Adobe
  • Samuel Hausmann, Research Assistant, Computer Engineering; NASA Johnson Space Center
  • Patrick McGrath, Research Assistant, Computer Science; Local Executive Board Member of Association for Computing Machinery
  • Kaushik Padmanabhan, Research Assistant, Computer Engineering, embedded systems; HCL Embedded Computing & Networking
  • Praveen Pallapothula, Research Assistant, Computer Science & Business; Paraxel
  • Richard Paulsen, Research Assistant, Industrial Organization and Labor Economics; Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
  • Nikin Tharan, Research Assistant, Manulife/John Hancock, Embedded Systems Lab, Alpha Electronics
  • Katherine Wilhoit, Research Assistant, Interaction Design and Entrepreneurship; Scout Labs, IDEO, Media Lab