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2006 MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SLOAN SCHOOL Ph.D., Behavioral and Policy Sciences, Presidential Scholar


1995 UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO B.A.Sc. Engineering, summa cum laude

Academic Appointments


Primary Appointments

2016- Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, D’Amore McKim School of Business, Northeastern University

Courtesy appointment: College of Computer and Information Science

Courtesy appointment: Department of Economics, College of Social Science & Humanities

Faculty Research Associate, IoT Research Center

2010–2015 Assistant Professor, Strategy & Entrepreneurship, LBS

2007-2009 Assistant Professor, Strategy & Business Policy, HEC-Paris

Other Academic Positions

2017- Faculty Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research (Productivity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship program)

2016 - Principal Investigator, IoT Open Innovation Lab

2015-2016 Visiting Assistant Professor, Strategy Unit, Harvard Business School

2011- Research Fellow, Institute of Quantitative Social Science, Harvard University

2011-2015 Chief Economist, NASA Tournament Lab

Publications & Research


Published and Forthcoming


  • Miric, M., K. Boudreau, L. Jeppesen (2018, forthcoming). "Protecting their Digital Assets". Research Policy.
  • Lakhani, K., K. Boudreau, E. Guinan (2018) "Randomized Insights: Field Experiments in Understanding Knowledge Production in the Sciences." Science.


  • Boudreau, K., T. Brady, I. Ganguli, P. Gaule, E. Guinan, T. Hollenberg, K. Lakhani (2017) "A Field Experiment on Search Costs and the Formation of Scientific Collaborations." Review of Economics and Statistics.
  • Boudreau, K. (2017), "Platform-Based Organization and Boundary Choices: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Growth in the Early History of Mobile Computing." Advances in StrategicManagement on “Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Platforms.” eds. Furman, Gawer, Stern, Silverman.



  • Boudreau, K., and K. Lakhani (2015) Innovation Experiments: Researching Technical Advance, Knowledge Production and the Design of Supporting Institutions. In Innovation Policyand the Economy. National Bureau of Economic Research, volume 16, edited by Josh Lerner and Scott Stern. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.


  • Boudreau, K., L. Jeppesen (2014) Unpaid Platform Complementors and the Network Effect Mirage. Strategic Management Journal.
  • Boudreau, K., K. Lakhani (2014) ’Open’ Disclosure of Innovations, Incentives and Follow-on Reuse: Theory on Processes of Cumulative Innovation and a Field Experiment in Computational Biology. Research Policy.


  • Lakhani, K., K. Boudreau, L. Backstrom, C. Baldwin, P. Loh, E. Lonstein, M. Lydon, A. MacCormack, R. Arnaout and E. Guinan (2013) Prize-based contests can provide solutions to computational biology problems. Nature Biotechnology. 31(2):108
  • Boudreau, K., K. Lakhani (2013) Using the Crowd as an Innovation Partner. Harvard Business Review. 91(4): 60-69.
    • Harvard Business Review McKinsey Award Best Paper Finalist, 2013
  • Guinan, E., K. Boudreau, K. Lakhani (2013) Experiments in Open Innovation at the Harvard Medical School. MIT Sloan Management Review. 54(3): 45-52.


  • Boudreau, K. (2012) Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom? An Early Look at Large Numbers of Software “Apps” Developers and Patterns of Innovation. Organization Science. 23: 1409-1427.
    • INFORMS Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Section Best Paper Award, 2017


  • Boudreau, K., N. Lacetera and K. Lakhani (2011) Incentives and Problem Uncertainty in Innovation Contests: An Empirical Analysis. Management Science. 57(5): 843-863.
    • Management Science Best Paper Finalist, 2013
  • Boudreau, K., K. Lakhani (2011) The Confederacy of Heterogeneous Software Organizations and Heterogeneous Developers: Field Experimental Evidence on Sorting and Worker Effort. J. Lerner and S. Stern (eds.), The Rate and Direction of Inventive Activity, 50th Anniversary Volume. National Bureau of Economic Research.


  • Boudreau, K. (2010) Open Platform Strategies and Innovation: Granting Access vs. Devolving Control. Management Science. 56(10): 1849-1872


  • Boudreau, K., A. Hagiu (2009) Platforms Rules: Multi-sided Platforms as Regulators. A. Gawer, ed. Platforms, Markets and Innovation. Edward Elgar, London.
  • Boudreau, K., K. Lakhani (2009) How to Manage Outside Innovation: Competitive Markets or Collaborative Communities? MIT Sloan Management Review. 50(4): 69-75.

Current Manuscripts & Working Papers

  • M. Miric, K. Boudreau, L. Jeppesen. Freemium Competition. Unpublished Manuscript.
  • M. Miric, K. Boudreau, L. Jeppesen. Digital Competition. Unpublished Manuscript.
  • M. Miric, K. Boudreau, L. Jeppesen. Digital Appropriability Strategies. Unpublished Manuscript.
  • Boudreau, K. (2018) "Amateur Crowds & Professional Entrepreneurs as Platform Complementors". NBER Working Paper. w24512.
  • Boudreau, K., M. Marx. (2018). "Early Work Experience and Developing STEM & Engineering Talent: Evidence from Randomized Assignment to “Experiential” Education" Working Paper.
  • Kaushik, N., K. Boudreau. (2018). "Gender-Based Preferences for “Tech” Work?Field Experimental Evidence from an Internet-of-Things Platform." Unpublished Manuscript.

Talks & Seminars



University of Michigan, Stanford University, Economics of Online Platforms Conference (University of Florida Law & Economics Departments), HBS Digital Conference, United States Patent Office, Boston College Digital Innovation Conference, Northwestern University, National Science Foundation, NBER Productivity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Seminar, Academy of Management, Organizational Design Community Conference, UC Berkeley, Case Western Workshop on Digital Innovation, NBER Entrepreneurship Working Group Meeting, Roundtable on Engineering Entrepreneurship Research (REER) meeting Georgia Tech


Copenhagen Business School, IESE Business School, Academy of Management, London School of Economics, University College London, International Industrial Organizational Conference (IIOC), Academy of Management, DRUID, New York University


Strategy Research Forum (Field Experimental Methods), Northeastern University


NYU-Stern, USC-Marshall, Yale University, Dartmouth-Tuck Strategy Conference, UC-Berkeley, HBS-Strategy seminar, HBS-TOM seminar, HBS Strategy Conference, INFORMS conference, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), Boston University-Platforms Conference, Cornell University, Cambridge University


Columbia, Cambridge, Oxford, Rutgers, INSEAD Fontainbleau, Strategic Management Society (‘Big Data and Strategy’), Academy of Management (‘Field Experimental Methods in Management’)


INSEAD Singapore, National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University, Academy of Management


LMU, NBER Workshop on Scholarly Communication (Economics of Science), European Policy for Intellectual Property, Leuven Center for Research on Economics and Strategy, Washington University-Olin, World Bank Conference on Intellectual Capital, Tel Aviv University Economics Department & Strategy joint seminar, BYU-University of Utah Winter Strategy Conference, NBER Productivity Group, UC-San Diego, UC-Berkeley, Stanford


TUM, ESMT, INFORMS, Roundtable for Engineering Entrepreneurship Research, NBER, HBS, Hebrew University Economics Department, Academy of Management


Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, London Business School, Roundtable for Engineering Entrepreneurship Research, Academy of Management, Platforms Symposium, Strategic Management Society, NESTA Open Innovation Research Roundtable


Dartmouth University, Carnegie Mellon University, IESE, IE, Academy of Management, American Economics Association


Roundtable for Engineering Entrepreneurship Research, Strategic Management Society, Sorbonne, Meeting of Recipients of Microsoft Grants for Research on Digital Platforms, Imperial College, London Business School, Wharton, Ottawa University


Free and Open Source Software Workshop, Schumpeter Conference, User Innovation Workshop, CBS, Academy of Management, Atlanta Competitive Advantage Conference, Washington University-Olin, International Industrial Organization Conference (IIOC), Sorbonne, IDEI Economics of Software and Internet Industries, American Economics Association

Grants, Awards and Fellowships


2001–2006 MIT Presidential Fellow

2001–2006 MIT-Sloan School Fellowship

2007 Microsoft Research Grant: Research on the Economics of Multi-Sided Platforms ($55,000)

2007 Best Review Award, BPS, Academy of Management

2010 National Bureau of Economic Research Honorarium in association with 50th anniversary of The Rate and Direction of Inventive Activity ($5,000)

2010–2015 Research and Materials Development Grant, London Business School ($110,000)

2011-2015 NASA Tournament Laboratory: Laboratory that Investigates through Field Experiments, the Economics of Managing Contests and Communities to Solve Innovation Problems, with K. Lakhani ($6MM)

2011–2012 Google Faculty Research Grant ($100,000)

2011–2012 CIGREF (French Network for Large Companies) Research Award: Field Experiments in Innovation of Information Technologies ($75,000)

2011–2012 National Bureau of Economic Research, Innovation Policy Working Group Academic Grant

2013 Management Science, Distinguished Reviewer Service Award

2013 Management Lab Grant ($42,000): Funding Crowdfunding Field Experiments

2013 Management Science, Meritorious Reviewer Service Award

2013 Sloan Foundation Research Grant: Economics of Knowledge Contribution and Distribution Research Grant ($20,000)

2013 Management Science, Best Paper Finalist: “Incentives & Problem Uncertainty in Innovation Contests”

2013 Harvard Business Review McKinsey Award, Finalist: “Using the Crowd as an Innovation Partner”

2015 Harvard Business School Research Grant, ($10,000)

2016 DMSB Research Seed Funding

2016 GE Open Innovation Research Grant

2017 Best Paper runner-up, INFORMS Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

2017 Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Research Grant: Internet of Things Research Platform ($97,000)

2017 Copeland Best Paper Award: “Looking Across & Looking Beyond the Knowledge Frontier”

2017 Research Institute for Experiential Learning Science (RIELS) research grant ($15,000)

2017 Best Paper, INFORMS Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

2017 Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Complex Research Support: Research Laboratory Cluster for Internet of Things (joint with multiple College of Engineering researchers for state of the art office and laboratory facilities) ($500,000)

Reviewing & Journal Editing Activities


Editorial Board Responsibilities

Associate Editor, Management Science, Innovation & Entrepreneurship department

Associate Editor, Management Science, Business Strategy department

Associate Editor (ad hoc), Management Science, Information Systems department

Editorial Board, Strategic Management Journal

(Past) Editorial Board, Academy of Management Journal

Ad hoc Reviewer

Management: Administrative Science Quarterly, Management Science, Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Research Policy, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review

Information Systems, Operations, & Products: Production and Operations Management, Information Systems Research, Management Information Systems Quarterly, Journal of the Association of Information Systems

Economics: American Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Science, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, Journal of Industrial Economics, Review of Network Economics

Science & Technology: Science, Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, National Science Foundation, PloS One

Practitioner: Harvard Business Review, California Management Review

Teaching Experience


Courses Taught

2017 Platform Business Models (MBA)

2017 Innovation, Enterprise Growth and Entrepreneurship (MBA)

2007-2016 Strategic Management (Masters, MBA, executive MBA, PhD)

2008-2009 Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Strategy (MBA)

2008-2012 Empirical Research Methods (PhD)


2008 Casadesus-Masanell, R., K. Boudreau and J. Mitchell. (2008) The Debate on Licensing Palm’s OS.

2010 Francioli, S., K. Boudreau. (2008) The Commercial Space Business: EADS Astrium.

2011 Blasco, A. and K. Boudreau. (2011) Fubles.com: Growing a Platform.

2015 Boudreau, K. (2015) The Economist Corporate Network.

Graduate Advisory

PhD Milan Miric, CBS (placement: USC Marshall)

Nilam Kaushik, University College London (placement: IIM Bangalore)

Master’s advisory at HEC-Paris

Master’s advisory at LBS




2019 Research Committee

2018 Graduate Curriculum Review

2018 PhD advisory committee

2016- IoT Open Innovation Lab - Tech Development and Innovation Design

2017 University-Wide, Science and Technology advisory committee


Junior faculty consortium leader, Academy of Management Strategy / BPS division

Doctoral consortium leader, Academy of Management Technology and Innovation Management division

See editorial responsibilities

Professional Industry Experience


Qualcomm, Canadian Space Agency, NASA, Bell Northern Research, The Economist Group, Babbage Innovation & Analytics, Braxton Associates Strategy Consulting, G.E., Zain, Syngenta, iMatchative/Altx Hedge Funds, Republic Health Systems.



System and method for conducting open innovation events US 9652742 B2

Other Interests


Cycling: Vancouver-San Diego, Paris-Lisbon-Seville, London-Paris, Boston-NYC, Boston-Montreal; running: NYC marathon, San Diego-Tijuana; music; telecasters; fishing; woods.